What happens during our session?

I want my clients to feel comfortable and relaxed during their sessions. When setting up your appointment I will have a few easy questions for you so that I can evaluate your preferences and create an experience suited toward your unique wants and needs. My sessions are quite different from the traditional studio experience, I don't want to limit your photos to set poses, but rather allow your own individuality and family characters to shine through. Mini sessions are up to 30 minutes. Full sessions can run up to 2 hours.  

Whether we are working on location at your house, a local park or a nearby beach I want you to act natural, to play, to interact with each other as if the camera wasn't there. This will allow me to capture genuine images of life. And no cheese please, unless it's in a sandwich.

Do you have a studio?

No. I shoot on-location in places that are meaningful or convenient for you. I am more than willing to suggest a location if needed, but find that in any setting there is an opportunity for beautiful images.

What are your hours?

I am available for daytime shoots from Sunday to Friday. Because I do not operate a physical studio, all sessions are by appointment only. If you can, please book at a minimum of one week in advance. During holiday seasons please book two weeks ahead. For full sessions a nonrefundable down payment of $100 will be requested to hold the scheduled time and date, and will apply towards the final cost upon completion.

Do you specialize in any area?

I cater primarily toward child, family and portrait photography. When focusing solely on an shoot for an individual child I request that parents provide me with some one-on-one interaction, or grant me the privilege to document them as well, in everyday interactions. Please keep in mind that children especially tend to act more natural and relaxed when they are not coached by their parents.

What if I want more traditional photos?

It is important that you choose a photographer whose style complements your own. Although my style is primarily journalistic, I try to work with my clients to make sure that I include some traditional images if they are desired. If you are looking for a photographer who specializes in only posed family images I can recommend several other studios in the area. I prefer to capture moments of your family interacting with each other, which results in more natural, lifelike photos.

What should I wear?

I prefer to capture a natural look from my clients. Keeping this in mind, the following advice may help in your decision:

  1. Dress in clothes that you're comfortable in, something that you would wear every day.

  2. Solid colors work best, too many stripes or patterns can take the focus away from the person.

  3. Wear tops and bottoms that don't sport logos or words.

  4. Typically I would suggest steering away from matching black shirts and khakis, most families don't dress like that everyday. Wear clothes with colors that compliment each other, and don't clash, and your images will look more natural. 

  5. Feel free to bring several sets of clothes, it's always good to be able to choose another look, and there's no extra charge for a change of outfit. When planning a location please let me know if you are planning on an outfit change so that I can scout for appropriate changing facilities.

We've had our session, what happens next?

I select the best of your images from your photo shoot, retouch and digitally develop them for ideal lighting and quality. These images are then provided in digital format with unlimited printing rights. Your final images will be ready 5-7 days after your scheduled photo session. I will contact you by phone or email to let you know your images are ready, and send you a link to download. (Please note:  Extensive retouching, such as braces removal, is available by request, additional charges apply.)

Where should I print my photos?

While you could go down to your local Target or Sam's Club to print your images I urge you not to. Want to see some side by side comparisons of Consumer vs. Pro Photo labs? Check out THIS blog post by Northern Virginia photographer Rebecca Danzenbaker. In my experience as a professional photographer I would recommend the following print labs - based on your desired output:

  1. Best for prints: MPix
  2. Best of Canvas: CG Pro Prints
  3. Best of Holiday Cards: Tiny Prints
  4. Best for Gifts/Keepsakes: Print Studio
  5. Best of Albums: Blurb